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Islamic Stockbroking Window (ISBW)

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Islamic Stockbroking Window (ISBW)
In compliance with the Shariah principles, AmInvestment Bank with Shariah Advisors and AmBank Islamic brings you the ISB (window services).


  • Approved and Halal trading
    Trading in Shariah-compliant (Halal) securities only as prescribed by Shariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commission**.
  • Shariah-compliant principles  
    Application of Shariah principles such as Wakalah (Agency), Rahn (Pledge), Kafalah (Guarantee/Indemnity) and Bai' (Buying & Selling).
  • Guaranteed Shariah-compliant  
    Compliance with Shariah principles, regulations, standards or rulings issued by Shariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia Berhad.
  • No unjust gains
    No elements of 'Riba’ such as contra service charge, interest charges and interest income.
  • Fair compensation with Ta’widh
    Ta’widh (compensation) shall be imposed only on late or default payments made by clients based on AmBank Islamic’s IIMM rate
  • Shariah compliant practices
    All banking transactions, financing, placement or investment shall be made within Shariah-compliant products or services.

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