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Foreign Investing Services (FIS)

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Foreign Investing Services (FIS)
Diversify your investment portfolio in various Foreign Stock Exchanges online with the convenience of single trading limit and login ID for up to six exchanges, namely Singapore Exchange (SGX), Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX), Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), National Association of Securities Dealer Automated Quotation (NASDAQ) and New York Stock Exchange MKT LLC (NYSE MKT LLC).

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  • Convenience
    Continue to trade foreign securities through your existing dealer’s representative.
  • Easy Settlement
    Enjoy an added advantage of settling your foreign trade in Ringgit Malaysia. We will handle the money and securities settlement with the foreign brokers on your behalf.
  • Reliable custodial service
    All foreign securities you have bought and paid is kept in trust. Rest assured, all corporate entitlements are monitored and administered by us.
  • Proactive updates
    Monthly consolidated custody statement of all foreign securities held. 

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