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Equities & Derivatives
View and trade in both Bursa Malaysia Equities and Derivatives using our integrated online features and services.

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  • Trade anywhere & anytime
    Enjoy access to a selection of online trading tools to make convenient tradings through a personal platforms of your choice.
  • Competitive brokerage fees
    Enjoy rates of 0.05% or Minimum RM8.00 for Equities Trading.
  • Negotiable brokerage rates
    No elements of 'Riba’ such as contra service charge, interest charges and interest income. 

Fees Schedule (Equities)

Stamp duties : Principal agreement (i.e. 0.5% of facility limit) *Stamp duty rebate is subjected to Terms & Conditions Apply. Subsidiary agreement – Nominal (RM10.00 each) CDS Opening fee : RM10.00 (8% of service Tax applicable)
Features eDirect
(Cash Upfront)
Collateralized Trading
Brokerage 0.05% Min RM8 < RM100k 0.6% @ > RM100k 0.4% Min RM40 for offline trade < RM100k 0.4% @> RM100k 0.2% Min RM28 For online trade
Trust Account Interest 2.15% 2.60%
Trading Limit 0.99X for cash 3X for cash
2X (Share Capping) for share
Settlement Basis Amalgamated  

Note: Intraday- 0.15% min RM40 for Offline Trade 0.15%min RM28 for Online Trade. 

Statement of Fees & Char🌊gꦐes for eDirect Cash Account

mari kl bet:eDirect Cash's Produ𒁃ct Disclosure Sheet (Eng🌞lish)

mari kl bet:eDirect Cash's Product Disclosure Sheet (🔯Malay)

Collaಞte𝓀ralised Trading's Product Disclosure Sheet (English)

Collateralised Trading's Product Disclosure S♉heet (Malay)

eDirect 0.05% Min RM8
Collateralized Trading 0.6%@0.4% min RM40 for Offline Trade 0.4%@0.2% min RM28 for Online Trade
Intraday 0.15% min RM40 for Offline Trade 0.15%min RM28 for Online Trade
Trust Account Interest  
eDirect 2.15%
Collateralized Trading 2.60%
Trading Limit  
eDirect 0.99x for cash
Collateralized Trading 3X for cash
2X (Share Capping) for share
Settlement Basis  
eDirect Amalgamated
Collateralized Trading  

Fees Schedule (Derivatives)

Brokerage / Contract Intraday Overnight
FCPO 11 13
FKLI 13 13
F4GM 9.5 9.5
FGLD 10 10
FM70 10 10


*Rates quoted above are subject to 8%SST *Interest to Futures Account (Applicable to Retail Clients only) Account with margin surplus RM50k or above. Interest rate: Prevailing rate quoted by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives less administration fee of 1.00%

Intra Day Short Selling (IDSS)
IDSS allows eligible clients to sell securities first and buy the same securities later. All sell positions MUST BE CLOSED OFF with buy positions within the same trading day itself. IDSS can be carried out by way of On-Market Transaction for Main board only.


  • Flexibility
    IDSS allows eligible clients to sell securities first and buy the same securities later.
  • Convenience
    IDSS order can be executed online via trading platforms


  • Clients are required to open a designated trading account for IDSS trading in the name of Amsec Nominees (Tempatan/Asing) Sdn Bhd
  • Clients must have an active Personal Trading Account with AmInvestment Bank Bhd (‘the Bank’)
  • Clients are required to comply with the prescribeddealer’s representative terms and conditions and requirements set out by the Bank. * For more information, kindly contact our dealer’s representative or remisier

Documents Required

All clients will be required to complete the following documentations prior to participating in IDSS:

a) Terms and Conditions for Intraday Short Selling that covers:

  1. the SBL terms with the Bank to borrow Eligible Securities or purchase ISSBNT Eligible Securities to settle potential failed trades in the event any IDSS executed by the Client are not closed out by the end of the day.
  2. the IDSS risk disclosure statement.
  3. the written declaration from the Client that he/she/they fully understand the IDSS requirements in accordance with Bursa rules and that the Client is not associated with the body corporate that issued or made available the Approved Securities to which the IDSS is to be entered.
  4. Client’s acceptance of the salient terms and conditions set-out by the Bank for trading IDSS with the Bank.

b) Account Application Forms and all the required supporting documents (applicable tꦡo new clients only) / Updating form (applicable to ex꧂isting clients only)

c) Nominees Agreement (where applicable).

*Once eligibility criteria are met and approved, the Bank will open a designated IDSS trading and a CDS account for the client to trade IDSS.

Fees & Schedule

Fees for cost of borrowing securities for purpose🍒 of IDSS settlement
 Processing Fee  RM150.00 per matched borrowing
 Borrowing fees  3.00% of the borrowed securities value per matched borrowing / per annum (daily   calculated) with minimum of RM50.00

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